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PTG Artist: Mathew Clarke

Jiminy Peak Resort - Hancock MA

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tattoos/ - Japanese Koi Kite Tattoo - 145730

Mathews prefers to work in styles that provide a challenge and newness to his work. Japanese-influenced subjects in both black work and color, with a primary interest in color along with illustrative-realism and stylized renderings are some of his preferred subjects to tattoo.

Mathew enjoys many art forms when not tattooing, such as screen printed art, digital art, traditional tattoo style art, as well as sculpture and design to name a few.

Today after 30 years he still loves tattooing. The perfect line, the smoothest blends of colors and their seemingly endless combinations all keep him fascinated and striving for more. Mat's primary focus in tattoo style lies in Japanese influenced art. The Japanese style of art for him, focuses on these crisp line weights and solid colors ultimately creating what he sees as the most impactful tattoo. 

There are countless stories and lore that goes along with each image whether it is a dragon and tiger or a sleeve of chrysanthemums, Mat enjoys the research and finding the meanings and relationships in all the tattoos he does. The images themselves are powerful, full of strength and life. He works hard to bring that power into the tattoos I do through flow and composition and a lot of good hard work. 

I look forward to meeting and working with you.

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Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort

37 Corey Rd Hancock, MA 01237


Call (413) 738-5500 with room block "tattoo" to reserve a hotel room on site. Rooms are limited and the hotel nearly always sells out.


Condos are an amazing way to save some $ sharing space with your studios and/or friends. Kitchenettes, decks, each condo is unique! 


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