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The Paradise Tattoo Gathering (PTG) is not your average tattoo event. It's nestled in the least densely populated town in Western Massachusetts, but attracts some of the worlds top tattooers and those seeking inspiration & insights. You're surrounded by nature & free from the constant distractions. It's the perfect environment to focus.
But it's not just the location that makes PTG stand out. The artist list is filled with some of the world's most open, caring tattooers, excited to share their skills with all who attend. These are the kind of artists who aren't just in it for the money or to tattoo all weekend. They're here to learn from other artists, to expand their minds with experiences, and to fill up their souls with connections that will last for years, maybe even decades, to come.

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Cooper Seminar!

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Thursday October 12th - Why

11-12: Opening Panel. - Why Tattooing?
Our panelists will discuss why they love tattooing, and set the stage for the weekends activities..

Friday October 13th - Preparation

11-12: Thinking Ahead.
A little preparation goes a long way. Especially in tattooing where mistakes are easy to make and hard to fix.

Saturday October 14th - Execution

11-12 Perfecting the craft
Panelists chat about their paths to technical excellence. 

Sunday October 15th - Longevity

11-12 Thinking long-term in a shorter and shorter and shorter term world...
If there is one thing you should't rush, or be distracted during, it's tattooing. These forces are antithetical to the distracted attention economy we are all competing in. But do we have to race to the bottom?

Complete Stage & Seminar Schedule

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What happens at the Paradise Tattoo Gathering?


At The Paradise Tattoo Gathering, we're all about creating events that inspire tattooers and artists of all mediums, both online and in real life. It's one of our most favorite things! We believe that when creatives come together, magic happens. That's why we've made it our mission to provide a platform for artists to connect, learn, and grow.

Our events are designed to be inclusive and welcoming to artists of all levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals, and all cultures/sub-cultures.  We believe that everyone has something to teach and something to learn. That's why our artist list is always filled with inspirational talent from a variety of backgrounds and styles.


At The Paradise Tattoo Gathering, we're all about helping tattooers, apprentices, and tattoo vets take their skills to the next level. That's why our events are designed to be immersive professional development experiences that include a wide range of activities.

From seminars and discussion panels to critiques and workshops, our events are tailored to meet the needs of tattooers at all levels. We believe that by bringing together talent from around the world, we can create a collaborative learning environment that is truly life-changing.

Our events have been described as transformative by many tattooers, who have come away from them feeling inspired, motivated, and empowered. We hope you'll join us for one of our upcoming events and experience the magic for yourself.


Let me tell you something about the power of networking. It can change lives. Bringing like-minded people together is a powerful force that can inspire, create working relationships, and forge lifelong friendships. For over a decade, the PTG event has been doing just that.

The PTG brings together diverse artists who share a common goal - to better themselves, to better the tattoo community, and to make a positive impact on the world. Tattooing is a form of art that has a significant impact on cultures, and it is our responsibility to become positive stewards of this art for the time we are here.

By working with like-minded individuals, we can create a culture of respect, inclusivity, and creativity. The PTG is a place where artists can meet, network, and collaborate to shape the future of the tattoo industry and its impact on society.

Artist & Studio Packages

By grabbing a condo for your studio and attending our events, you can help your whole team get motivated and inspired. And with special group rates and discounts available, you can save money while investing in your team's professional development.

So why not take advantage of this unique opportunity and help your studio grow and thrive? Register today to save with our group rates and dont forget the tax writeoffs!If you're thinking of coming to The Paradise Tattoo Gathering alone, we say go for it! It's an adventure, for sure, but it's a pilgrimage that's well worth it. Many of the artists who attended our first few Gatherings have gone on to have amazing careers and many of them have returned to lead workshops and share their knowledge with others.

If you're an apprentice just starting out, The Paradise Tattoo Gathering is the perfect place to get started on the right foot. And if you've been tattooing for years, we encourage you to join us and share your stories and experiences with others. 

Studio 5-Pack Payment Plan

Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort

37 Corey Rd Hancock, MA 01237


Call (413) 738-5500 with room block "tattoo" to reserve a hotel room on site. Rooms are limited and the hotel nearly always sells out.


Condos are an amazing way to save some $ sharing space with your studios and/or friends. Kitchenettes, decks, each condo is unique! 


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