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PTG Artist: Lita Edwards

Jiminy Peak Resort - Hancock MA

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I’m a 14 year tattoo artist, worked most of my life in the arts, and 20 year business owner. My work is absolutely my passion. I am most known for boobs and color blending, but am very diverse in styles. I enjoy a challenge and the more difficult the better. Tattooing scars was not something I expected when I came into the industry, however it has become the most rewarding of all. So much so, we opened Metamorphosis Ink in 2019, a studio focused on scar tattooing specifically. Once I realized my work could change lives, it gave me purpose for being here, and a determination to make it my specialty.

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Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort

37 Corey Rd Hancock, MA 01237


Call (413) 738-5500 with room block "tattoo" to reserve a hotel room on site. Rooms are limited and the hotel nearly always sells out.


Condos are an amazing way to save some $ sharing space with your studios and/or friends. Kitchenettes, decks, each condo is unique! 


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2023 Venue

Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort
37 Corey Rd.
Hancock MA 01237
O: (413) 738-5500