Gunnar was born in New Brittan Connecticut in 1974. In 1997 his interest in art became sparked after being offered an apprentiship in tattooing in New Haven Connecticut. With no true art education other than a few classes in college, he began to delve further into the world of art. Artists from Bernini to Vargas stimulated him and he began to study their styles and techniques while learning to apply what he could to his own art form. In June of 2000 Gunnar's first daughter was born sparking a new interest in the duality of children the mix of pure innocence and their devilish spirit. It is this idea that pushed him to develop the style for which he has become know for, "Creepy Kids". In 2001 Gunnar opened Gods and Monsters with his partner Hoffa in Columbus, Ohio. At this point Hoffa began to educate Gunnar in the fine art of acrylic painting. Gunnar's paintings and tattoos are a culmination of innocent children and horror themes. He creates worlds where children reside amongst ghosts, monsters, and other foreboding entities. Illustrative in style he uses classic painting techniques to create a slight realism to the work while still embodying a cartoon look. He pays homage to classic cartoons with his use of the three finger characters. However interest in artist from the Hudson River School and Albert Bierdstadt influence the background landscape art. His art often reveals a undertone so social political humor and more often a romanticized view of broken hearts. In his second year of painting he received his first big job working with a major record label to produce a multi-paneled cd cover for NEW FOUND GLORY. He has also shown in several group shows around the country, as well as, BURTON'S RIDES OF PASSAGE world tour art show. His work has been published in many international magazines and books. While only at the beginning stages of his art career his accomplishments are numerous. Gunnar's art continues to evolve on a daily basis. Gunnar now resides in Southern California where he continues to push himself as a painter and tattoo artist.

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Paradise Tattoo Gathering

10.11.18 - 10.14.18 Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort Hancock, MA